ILCA Dinghy Ex-World Boats

$6,800.00 - $7,200.00
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2020 Performance Sailraft Austrailia (PSA) Ex-World charter boats. Class-legal with "ILCA Authorized" QR coded lables. Sailed only a handful of times in 2020, these boats are in near-new condition. Availble in both ILCA 7 (Standard) and ILCA 6 (Radial) rig configurations. Can be purhase with or without new North Sail.

The ILCA Dinghy is the Gold standard in single-handed, one-design sailing. Every ILCA Dinghy in the world is identical. Strict class rules guarantee that it is the sailor, not the equipment, that makes the difference. ILCA Dinghy racing is a true test of skill. 

Ex-World Boat Packages include:

  • Ex-World fitted hull, PSA
  • Ex-World carbon top mast
  • Ex-World Alumnium lower mast (Radial or Standard)
  • Ex-World boom, complete
  • Ex-World clear-edge blades (new for 2020)
  • Blade bag
  • Top Cover
  • Line kit and Turbo kit