JSail Racing Sails

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 JSails Classic Optimist Racing Sails:

  • Green: (For sailors under 70 lbs) Ideal as the first sail for the youngest Optimist sailors. Easy to trim, has excellent acceleration properties. Produced with plain or square cloth. (For sailors under 70 lbs)
  • Blue: (For Sailors 70-90 lbs) One of the most popular models in the world. Good acceleration properties, easy to trim and excellent performance in diversified weather conditions. The most universal model with big weight range. Excellent performance in diversified weather conditions. 
  • Red: (For sailors over 90 lbs.) The first basic JSail model introduced. Excellent speed when sailing downwind. Marvelous performance in all nautical conditions, especially at long waves. 
  • Black: (For sailors  over 100 lbs) Introduced in 2011 as a sail that can prolong the Optimist career of the heaviest sailors. Enormous power can cause problems in strong winds but the overall performance compensates lower acceleration properties compared to other models.