Topaz Uno


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Versatile and great fun to sail, the Topaz Uno has a roomy self draining cockpit holds two people of any size. It'sl ightweight, high buoyancy hull makes it suitable for young singlehander up to adult and child. Topaz TRILAM construction gives unrivalled strength to weight ratio and great uniformity, buoyancy, and stiffness.

The TOPAZ SYSTEM comes with a choice of rig options so the boat can be set up to suit you. 

  • The TOPAZ ‘UNO PLUS’ is the most popular rig option and one of our best sellers.  This rig option provides a great introduction to sailing as well as being an ideal multi-purpose family dinghy. Features include:
    • Reefable mainsail which allows power to be controlled depending on conditions and user ability.
    • Inverted leech making it easier to control for newcomers.
    • 2-piece mast and simple rig means the boat is easy to assemble.
    • The 1.75m2 jib is bigger than competitors designs offering fun sailing for children and adults alike.
    • Sleeved Sail Option Available


  • The TOPAZ ‘RACE PLUS’ rig offers extra performance with the use of a more powerful 6.9m2 fully-battened Mylar mainsail.


  • The TOPAZ ‘RACE X’ rig is for more experienced sailors delivering “seriously fast sailing for the club sailor right through to a professional sailor. The asymmetric system is simple, easy to use and easy to rig and takes the boat to yet another level only found in boats costing twice the retail price." Features include:
    • Powerful yet controllable 6.9m2 fully-battened Mylar mainsail
    • 1.75m2 jib
    • full-on 9m2 asymmetric gennaker.