Fulcrum Rocket


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Built for Fun. Built to go Quick. Built to take friends along!

Launch into a new adventure on a strikingly innovative execution of a timeless favorite. Extremely stable with a spacious cockpit, the Rocket has ample room for friends and/or cargo. Three or four kids can easily take the Rocket for a sail together; two adults can take the Rocket for a sail together.

The Rocket is quick and easy to rign, thanks to the timeless tried-and true lateen sail setup. The sail, boom and gaffe lay down on the deck waiting for the halyard to be pulled. Pull the halyard 10 feet and cleat it. Congratulations, you’re done. Go sailing!


  • Hull weighs only 90lbs... a full 40% lighter than conventional builds of its type!
  • Expansive full length cockpit which stretches all the way to the stern. 
  • With 6' 3" of floor length on the cockpit, there are easily four feet of cargo space in the back for dry-bags while still leaving room to sail comfortably
  • More stable than comparable boats on the market, thanks to having the widest parts of its V-bottom situated directly where you sit.
  • Cockpit bottom is padded with soft, non-slip marine deck foam which is both gentle to the touch and rugged enough to survive the elements.
  • Made in the USA
  • True lateen sail setup makes it quick and easy to Rig


  • Length: 14' 2"
  • Made from an intensely rugged and extra lightweight cored composite construction
  • Width: 4' 4"
  • Hull Weight: 90 lbs
  • Fully Rigged Weight: 110 lbs
  • Sail Area: 81 sq ft

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