Class-Legal ILCA Dinghy, Carbon/ Race XD, PSA

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ILCA- Carbon-XD
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The ILCA Dinghy is the Gold standard in single-handed, one-design sailing. Every ILCA Dinghy in the world is identical. Strict class rules guarantee that it is the sailor, not the equipment, that makes the difference. ILCA Dinghy racing is a true test of skill.

This is our upgraded race version and includes a carbon top mast, carbon tiller and extension.  Boat is fully equpped, rigged with spliced lines and ready to sail! 

     Race Package - Carbon w/Upgraded Rigging: $8995

    • Class-legal fitted Hull
    • Carbon Top section, Boom, Aluminum lower (4.7, 6/Radial or 7/Standard)
    • Upgrade to a Carbon ILCA 6/ Radial lower for $390.00
    • Carbon Tiller and Extension 
    • Clear-edge Blades
    • Mainsheet/ Block
      • Rooster 6mm or 7mm Polilite line
      • Harken 2169 57mm ratchet Swivel 2x Grip
    • Vang
      • ILCA Lower Vang
      • Harken Wire Becket Block
      • Double block w/ Becket
      • FSE Robeline Dingy Control Line & Dyneema, spliced
    • Outhaul
      • Allen 20mm Dynamic Blocks
      • Allen 20mm Dynamic Block w/ RF1032
      • FSE Robeline Dingy Control Line & Dyneema, spliced
    • Cunningham 6:1 or 8:1
      • Allen 30mm Dynamic Blocs
      • FSE Robeline Dingy Control Line & Dyneema, spliced
    • Deck Blocks    
      • Allen Forkhead Blocks
    • Traveller, spliced
    • Hyde Sail, numbered

Rig Configurations:

  • ILCA 4/ 4.7: The ILCA 4 ( 4.7 ) uses short pre-bent lower mast to maintain a balanced helm and a sail area that is 35% smaller than the ILCA 7 ( STD MKII ). It is ideal for learning to sail or for the lighter weight sailor graduating from a Optimist. Sail area – 5.76sqm
  • ILCA 6/Radial: Sail area - 5.76sqm
  • ILCA 7/ Std MK2: 7.06sqm