25 mm Forkhead Wire Block — Becket

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Lightweight, low-friction wire blocks carry wire halyards and high-strength control lines on boats of all sizes. The 466 features a forkhead and becket making it useful for vangs, halyards and control lines.

Sheave Ø (mm)25 mm

Sheave Ø (in)1 in

Weight (g)29 g

Weight (oz)1.02 oz

Shackle pin Ø (mm)5 mm

Shackle pin Ø (in)3/16 in

Maximum wire Ø (in)3/32 in

Maximum wire Ø (mm)2 mm

Maximum line Ø (mm)4 mm

Maximum line Ø (in)5/32 in

Maximum working load (kg)454 kg

Maximum working load (lb)1000 lb

Breaking load (kg)907 kg

Breaking load (lb)2000 lb