Harken 57mm Ratchet Block — Swivel


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Carbo Ratchets allow sailors to hand-hold loaded lines and offer balance between holding power and controlled easing.

On/off switch operates from both sides.

Standard grip: medium/light air; 10:1 holding powe



  • Sheave Ø (mm): 57 mm
  • Length (in): 4 1/16 in
  • Weight (oz): 3 oz
  • Shackle pin Ø (in): 3/16 in
  • Maximum line Ø (mm: )10 mm
  • Maximum working load (lb): 500 lb
  • Breaking load (lb):2000 lb
  • Holding power w/180 degree wrap 50 lb: (23 kg)10:1

One Design Applications:

  • Opti Mainsheet Block
  • Club 420/ FJ Mainsheet Block
  • Thistle Mainsheet Block
  • FJ Jibsheet
  • Topper