Clam Cleat with Becket


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Manufactured from aluminium for a light weight and durable performance. Becket also holds shockcord & bungee.  No need for extra parts. Ideal for Cunningham adjustment.  Use as a deck cleat or fit onto masts, booms and curved surfaces.  

Available in two finishes:

  1. CL7044 -- silver stove enamel finish for a cost effective, high quality coating.
  2. CL704AN -- hard anodised finish to give a hard wearing surface.


Rope Diameter 3 - 6mm 1/8 - 1/4"
Material Aluminium Aluminium
Hole Centres 66mm 2 5/8"
Length 82mm 3 1/4"
Width 18mm 11/16"
Height 24mm 15/16
Bolt Size M5 #10-24. 3/16"
Screw Size 4.8 No 10
Weight 34gms 1.2oz