Topper Race

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Topper Race

Topper – World Sailing Recognized Full International Racing Class

Nearly 50,000 boats sold worldwide now available in the US

“Britain’s best selling and favourite sailing dinghy”

Perfect boat for youth learn to sail programs

  • Single hander for youth, junior and lighter adults.
  • Lightweight, safe and simple.
  • Quick handling and racy performance.
  • Durable, maintenance free construction. Its unique polypropylene construction makes the boat virtually indestructible.

True One Design – because the Topper is injection moulded, every boat is identical. The ‘one-design’ nature of the boat makes for a uniquely fair competition.

Fun/ Fast – with a 5.3sqm sail it has good upwind and downwind performance, making it a thrilling, accessible and exciting sail. The lightweight hull and the large sail area make the Topper a fast boat for its size, and being so close to the water just makes it feel so much more exciting.

Simple – with a single hull and sail provider, measurement is simple and conducted with minimum of fuss.

Value – a race rigged Topper is the cheapest single handed racing dinghy in its category.

Lightweight – at just 43kg/95 lbs (compared to similar boats that weigh more) the cartoppable Topper is the lightest boat of its size and configuration in the world. It is easily righted after a capsize and ideal for sailors from 80 lbs to 150 lbs.

International – nearly 50,000 boats worldwide, a well-established international class structure across Europe, the Middle East, Far East, America and Australasia, Topper sailing is truly international. The Topper is an ISAF Full International Class.

Competitive – with over 300 boats competing at this year’s National Championships and 173 boats competing for this year’s World Championship – the Topper is one of the most competitive classes for young sailors.

Development – The Topper has always been a great boat. A number of changes that will ensure that it continues to be a great boat into the foreseeable future. These include:

  • Centre main sheet – moving the mainsheet lead to the centre of the boat and fitting a longer tiller extension permits the sailor to position themselves correctly in the boat without unnecessary twisting whilst hiking means the sailor can get more from the boat and hike harder for longer.
  • 6:1 Downhaul – without doubt the second most important update is the change from a maximum purchase of a 3:1 to one of 6:1. It will allow much lighter and less experienced sailors to sail in strong winds. The extra force available means we can bend the mast to flatten the sail whilst keeping the fullness in the sail well forward. The effect will be to stop the boat heading into the wind on a beat and getting stuck in irons when tacking.
  • 4.2m2 sail - The introduction of the 4.2m2 sail allows eight and nine year old Topper sailors and the smaller older ones to compete alongside the bigger sailors. The small sail is really inexpensive and it’s pretty quick in the hands of a 30-40kg sailor. It also doesn’t require a new mast or a change of controls.

Toper Club: $4,275.00     Topper Race Harken: $4,685.00


Length 3.40m/11.2 ft
Beam 1.20m/3.9 ft
Crew Capacity 1-2
Racing Crew 1
Weight 43kg/95 lbs
Construction Injection moulded Polypropylene
Sail Area ex spi 4.2 / 5.3m2 – 45 Sqft/57sqft
Mast & Boom Coated aluminium
Blocks Stainless Nylon
PY 1377 / 1313
Level Beginner- Intermediate-Expert

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