ILCA 6 / Laser® Radial Composite Lower Mast Section (Class-legal with ‘ILCA Authorized’ QR coded label)

Performance Sailcraft Australia

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Introduced in 2020, this specially designed composite lower mast section for the ICLA 6/ Laser® Radial is fully constructed in Australia and will be class legal worldwide as of September 1, 2020

“The new lower mast has been developed and extensively tested to ensure that it is ready for the rigors of competition. The advantage is that the new mast will be much more durable and will therefore provide a better value over the long run versus the aluminum spar.”

"Sailors should make sure they are buying a genuine, class approved spar,” adds Humphris. All class-legal composite lower masts will have attached an ‘ILCA Authorized’ QR coded label. As long as you see that label you know that the mast will be legal for all ILCA sanctioned events after the first of September.” (

  • Complete lower mast section, fully fitted with gooseneck and mast tang.
  • Specially designed composite tube with stainless steel wear points, built to last.
  • More durable and less prone to bending
  • Compatable with all ICLA 6 /Laser® Radial alumium upper rig and/or the the ILCA/ Laser® Carbon top section
  • Class-legal with ‘ILCA Authorized’ QR coded label *(note the ILCA 6 composite lower mast section will be class-legal for all ILCA sanctioned racing events on September 1, 2020)