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The RS Aero is the most technically advanced boat in its sector. This best-selling, modern single-hander is easily handled too. Weighing about the same as an Optimist, it is incredibly easy to transport, rig and launch. The RS Aero is so astonishingly light, it is possible to carry it up the beach single handed by holding the top of the daggerboard and the boom! Pulling the boat up the beach on a trolley makes you smile!

Rig Configuration:

Three rig sizes enable sailors of all abilities to enjoy the ride.

Mainsail RS Aero 5 5.2m² (54ft²)      
Mainsail RS Aero 6 (In Development)      
Mainsail RS Aero 7 7.4m² (77ft²)      
Mainsail RS Aero 9 8.9m² (93ft²)


  • Ultra-light weight hull means it easty to lift on the roof alone or with a youngster, rig in minutes and launch with ease
  • 4m length is long enough to support the larger helmsman, without being a handful for small sailors to launch and recover
  • 1.4m beam conveniently fits a normal roof-rack
  • A chined hull gives the sailor more reserve stability and peels off spray when sailing down wind and gives greater dynamic stability
  • Fine bow for upwind sailing, stable mid sections and a relatively wide transom.
  • Transom shape fine tuned to ensure the RS Aero planes bow up (analogous to the trim tabs on a
  • The RS Aero is designed to stack – the hull above sits perfectly into the deck below, allowing three boats to be stacked on a conventional road trailer base with small pads between them for easier transport of mutiple hulls
  • Carbon fibre is used in all high load areas such as the hull and deck around the mast step, the hiking region of the deck, all around the gunwales and transom.
  • Due to its ultra-light weight and the high elongation at break (shatter resistance) of the epoxy resin system, the RS Aero has proved to be remarkably durable.
  • Dynamic Three Rig System of differing sail areas to cater for the desired crew weight range: RS Aero 5 – RS Aero 7 – RS Aero 9.
  • The tracked mast and halyard are more practical than a sleeved luff – much easier when stepping mast in breeze and suiting full length top battens.


Length 4m (13'2")      
Beam 1.4m (4'7")      
Hull Weight 33kg (73lb)      
Max Crew Weight 160kg (353lb)      
Mainsail RS Aero 5 5.2m² (54ft²)      
Mainsail RS Aero 7 7.4m² (77ft²)      
Mainsail RS Aero 9 8.9m² (93ft²)      
Hull Construction Epoxy      
Mast 2-Part Carbon Fibre with Track & Halyard      
Boom Carbon Fibre With Centre Mainsheet      
Ruder Blade Epoxy Composite – Foam Core      
Rudder Stock Aluminium Casting       
Tiller Extension Aluminium Alloy      
Centreboard Epoxy Composite – Foam Core      
Toe Strap Padded & Adjustable